An extensive directory listing sites containing medical information. Find links to information on genetics, radiology, mental health, fitness and weight loss.


A database of chemicals. Search by name, formula, molecular weight, melting point, boiling point, registry number. CambridgeSoft maintains Chemfinder.
This site has several databases containing information on microbial toxicology and biodegradation of commercial chemicals. It is hosted by Syracuse Research Corporation.
HerbMed is an interactive, electronic database that provides hyperlinked access to scientific data. This link contains 54 herb with free information, plus other herbal products that are pay-per-view.
IRIS is a database of human health effects that may result from exposure to various substances found in the environment.
This database provides information about the corporate ties of scientists, academics, and non-profit organizations in the fields of nutrition, environment, toxicology, and medicine. It is maintained by Center for Science in the Public Interest.
ITER is a compilation of over 500 chemical name files containing human health risk values from a number of international health organizations. The data are presented in a comparative fashion, allowing the user to view what conclusions each organization has reached.
The site is designed to provide rapid access to internationally peer reviewed information on chemicals commonly used throughout the world, which may also occur as contaminants in the environment and food. It consolidates information from a number of intergovernmental organizations.
This collection of databases has information pertaining to chemical safety, specific medical tests performed for OSHA Regulated Substances, and information relating to agricultural and mining safety.
This project is dedicated to information on rare diseases and orphan drugs. Access to this database is free of charge. ORPHANET aims to improve management and treatment of genetic, auto-immune or infectious rare diseases, rare cancers, or diseases that lack accurate diagnosis. The resource is managed by the French Ministry of Health, collaborating with national teams of European subject experts.
This website contains EPA's compilation of the State, Territory and authorized Tribal water quality standards effective as of November 30, 2001. These State and Tribal water quality standards constitute the baseline of water quality standards in effect for Clean Water Act purposes.