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Offering consultancy, training and seminars internationally as well as educational services over the internet.
Friedemann Schaub MD PhD, created with Cellular Wisdom a powerful healing program that uses a unique blend of his medical and more.
If you are interested in living a more energetic and fulfilling life, breaking through fears, and living your life with more purpose and satisfaction and more.
Offers information about NLP and Chi mastery. Includes articles, forums, books for sale, tips, and tools.
Offering licensed programs in Hypnotherapy and NLP. Home study certification programs on cassette, CD's, VHS and DVD.
Manchester UK, based NLP Master Practitioner, Nigel Magowan offers help with stopping smoking, weight loss, unwanted habits, fears and more.
Accelerated Training in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Shamanic Practices.
Manchester College of NLP offers clients the very best in NLP Trainings and Business Consulting that guarantees to enable businesses to develop a 'Can Do' attitude whilst delivering real measurable and more.
Pactitioner and Master Practitioner Courses Personal Coaching and counselling Education Seminars Conscious Business Courses.
An International NLP Resource site. Features information on NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner certification training, standards, coaching, leadership programmes and corporate consulting and more.
TRaining of NLP in Melbourne Australia.
This essay argues that neither the theoretical suppositions nor the successfulness of NLP have ever been empirically verified.
Change, adopt, eliminate behaviors and emotions as you desire. We help our clients to heal from traumas and abuse and more.
Achieve Any Goal - Solve Any Problem. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis are fast, powerful and more.