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Pregnancy and Birth

Directory of information and resources.
Information, including educational resources, and useful links expanding the awareness of the benefits of newborn screening.
ALWAYS 100% natural products for baby and family. For skin, hair and home care.
Conception guide which includes week by week pregnancy calendar, due date calculator, birth plan creator, ultrasound, labor and birth picture galleries.
Offering pregnancy and baby information. Includes names, a calendar, week-by-week development updates, and illness guide.
Articles about the developing fetus, pregnancy, the navel, fetal positions and the placenta.
Discusses different aspects of pregnancy and birth. Includes fun activities such as guessing the baby's sex and choosing a name.
Resource for pregnancy and baby, offers week-by-week baby development updates, thousands of articles, and advice from other parents.
Pregnancy and fertility tools, which include a personalized interactive basal body temperature chart and ovulation calendars.
Articles relating to preconception, general pregnancy issues, and childbirth.
We hope to serve those who are interested in natural and alternative health and mindful parenting providing information and inspiration in order to create awareness and understanding of Active Birth.
Birthline offers the following free and confidential services to women of all ages and families facing a crisis pregnancy: • Pregnancy tests with immediate results • Volunteer medical doctors providing free medical exams • Pregnancy planning and decision-making counseling • Prenatal education and vitamins • Adoption referrals • Counseling for men and fathers’ rights & responsibilities • Post-abortion counseling • Access to public & private assistance programs • Referrals: medical, legal, social service, housing • Safe Slumber Program application • Speakers bureau • 24-hour hotline.
Explore the many mental and emotional dimensions in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories, and late-breaking headlines.
Baby names, pregnancy planning, and breastfeeding. Includes forums, chat, polls and articles.
A pregnancy journal documenting a pregnancy from week 5 up to labor and delivery.
List of services offered which include abortion information, pregnancy assistance, tests and free help for women and babies in trouble. Also contains a locator service to help find the closest Care Net or crisis pregnancy center.
We offer complete homebirth midwifery services and constitutional homeopathic consultation in Central, Midcoast, and Eastern Maine.
A continuous fitness and well-being program based on principles of dance, exercise physiology and group support.
Risk of fetal harm after exposure to specific drugs and vaccines. Recommendations for breast feeding.
Expert information from a nutritionist, articles, and morning sickness advice are a few of the topics covered.