An extensive directory listing sites containing medical information. Find links to information on genetics, radiology, mental health, fitness and weight loss.


Natural Resource and ASHA Databases for professionals. Each ABSEARCH database includes citations and abstracts (summaries of the articles) reproduced word-for-word from the original publications. Most ABSEARCH databases include information from multiple publications, while some include information from one publication.
A magazine for physicists with feature articles, news stories, and analyses, and a forum for the exchange of ideas.
This is the home page of the Division on Developmental Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children, focusing on individuals with cognitive disabilities/mental retardation, autism, and related disabilities. The mission of The Division on Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is to advance: The educational and general welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities. The competency of educators engaged in the field. Public understanding of developmental disabilities. Legislation needed to help accomplish these goals.
Medical online publishing house with 62 journals. Peer-reviewed content. Free full-text open access.
The best source of Irish farming and rural community information on the Internet.
John Libbey Eurotext Ltd is an international publishing company specialised in medecine and science, with a catalogue of 26 benchmark journals and more than 500 reference books. At the forefront of medical and scientific knowledge, our journals comply with international scientific publishing criteria. They are only available on paid subscriptions in order to guarantee the quality of their contents. Our catalogue of over 500 books grows every year of about 50 new titles, both in French and English with a special focus on the fields of neurology, epilepsy and neuropaediatrics. Our publications, thousands of medical short reviews, articles in full text, abstracts, etc. are available on
The journal of the Iowa Academy of Science publishes peer-reviewed articles concerning all aspects of science.
English edition of the Russian monthly journal Matematicheskii Sbornik. Contents, abstracts. Full text to subscribers. is a international medical journal for students with an interest in medicine. It contains articles that have been specially commissioned with medical students in mind. It also features news,student politics,letters,medicine and the media,student soapbox and more.
The Journal of General Physiology publishes original articles that elucidate basic biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms of broad physiological significance. Major emphasis is on physiological problems on the cellular and molecular level. The JGP has a high impact factor of 5.120 (2003 ISI Journal Citation Reports).
Information for authors and subscribers. Contents from vol.86 (1993). PDF files are available for articles that are at least one year old.