An extensive directory listing sites containing medical information. Find links to information on genetics, radiology, mental health, fitness and weight loss.


Books, tests, and articles relating to psychology and human relations. Other services include workshops and discussion groups.
Aacap. Membership information and benefits, news, publications, research and training. Child and adolescent psychiatry definition and FAQ, glossary of symptoms and illnesses, public health issues, and publications catalog.
American Academy of Psychotherapists (AAP) To enhance the person of the psychotherapist. AAP is a multi-disci- plinary group of caring therapists who are committed to the art and science of psychotherapy.
Aagp is a national association representing and serving its members and the field of geriatric psychiatry. It is dedicated to promoting the mental health and well being of older people and improving the care of those with late life mental disorders.
Professional association for the field of marriage and family therapy.
Aath. Therapeutic humor resources and articles. Develops and supports research into the use of humor in therapy.
A multidisciplinary membership association which focuses on clinical issues and social justice issues within the mental health care professions.
Promotes research and represents the professional interests of psychologists in the United States. Includes information on publications and conferences, and a find-a-psychologist referral feature.
Membership information, newsletter, e-zine, and continuing education information.
The first organization of professionals interested in the psychological impact of pregnancy, birth, and the perinatal period on personality. Research and clinical practice of psychotherapy and empirical investigation of the fetus, pregnancy, parents, and
Presents the Plant Environmental Physiology Group, a group in Great Britain dedicated to the exchange of information, ideas, and expertise within the field of environmental physiology. Highlights the history of the group, group meetings, and related news.
Helping mental health professionals build their income and make self-pay mental health therapy practices grow.
News, membership and society information, and announcements for journals, conferences, and awards.