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Discussion Groups

An overview of available chemistry and chemically oriented mailing lists.
The homepage for an electronic discussion group on the application of computers to toxicology research.
An electronic discussion list for healthcare professionals interested in ensuring the availability of safe, effective drugs to underdeveloped nations. This link is to a web page that allows users to search the list's archives or subscribe to the list. The list is sponsored by HealthNet's SatelLife.
Sponsored by Marble Information Services. This is a huge interdisciplinary source for email discussion groups. Liszt can be searched by keyword.
Natural products chemistry.
The home page for an electronic mail discussion group on herbal medicines. administered by Dr. John Wilkinson, of Middlesex University, Middlesex, UK. The page includes access to a searchable archive of past messages.
Comprehensive reference to discussion lists, newsgroups, FTP sites.'s listing of USENET groups, a compliment to the listservs list above.
This page contains links to enhanced archives for listservs run from the University. The archives contain selected threads from the listservs, links to other web sites, select subject bibliographies and information on relevant software: Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Pharmaceutics Resources Pharmacokinetic Resources Pharmacy and Multimedia Teaching.
Has browsable and searchable lists of USENET groups, and links to FAQ lists for many USENET groups.