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Conditions and Diseases

Center for Independent Living in Chicago, Illinois offers a variety of peer-oriented support groups. We offer a support group open to people with all types of disabilities, and groups targeted to specific areas, from people who are deaf and hard of hearing to young women with disabilities.
Information, resources and support for people concerned with autism spectrum disorders. Message board, calendar, email newsletter, and links.
Alexander Foundation is a non-profit charitable institution that supports the funding and research of Cloverleaf Syndrome.
The American Lung Association of Santa Clara-San Benito Counties is committed to the prevention and control of all lung disease including lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis and respiratory diseases of the newborn. The ALA provides support groups for individuals facing changes in their lives due to lung disease. These include support programs for parents who have children with asthma; Camp Superstuff (camp for children with asthma); breathing improvement programs and better breathing meetings; and smoking cessation support groups.
A non-profit advocacy group of Montgomery, Alabama area citizens who are dedicated to ensuring that the area's retarded children and adults have appropriate educational training, care, and to the extent practicable, gainful employment. MARC provides a variety of services to retarded children and adults ranging in age from birth to more than 75 years of age.
Information and support for persons with balance, dizziness, and all vestibular disorders. To develop awareness of the issues surrounding these disorders.
A place were burn survivors and family members can meet others, get and give the support needed in order to rebuild their lives.
Well established in its second century of service, Children’s Home Society of Washington is Washington’s oldest statewide, private, not for profit organization serving children and families. Each year, the Society serves more than 38,000 children and parents in communities across the state. Service areas include: Parent information and resource centers, child and family counseling, residential treatment for behaviorally challenged boys, foster care and adoption, grandparent support and parent support, advocacy and more. Our Vision: A world where all children thrive. Our Mission: Develop healthy children, create strong families, engage communities and speak and advocate for children.
A small listing of support groups for those dealing with and living with chronic pain.
A non profit support group for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy in USA.
A mutual self-help, non-profit organization providing accurate, current and independent information about endometriosis.
EMHF is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit making organisation established to raise male health awareness across Europe. It aims to promote collaboration between interested individuals and organisations on the development and application of health policies, research, education and prevention programmes. EMHF provides a unique platform for non-discriminatory co-operation and information exchange within Europe and with other countries worldwide.
Lay advocacy and support groups, information on genetic conditions birth defects for professionals, educators, and individuals.
The International Men's Health Database is a database of individuals and organisations that work with, or influence the health of men within their country and internationally. It is intended to be a key resource for health practitioners, academics, users of health services and policy makers.
Historical overview on the learning disability institution as well as being a resource for memorabilia and factual information on the three hospitals in Herfordshire: Cell Barnes, Harperbury and Leavesdon.
Offers articles and a discussion forum on all aspects of back pain.
Our chapter provides current information, educational programs, and outreach services to improve the quality of lives for people with lupus while also supporting research. We are located in Springfield, VA, serving the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.
Nonprofit prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male breast cancer information and news. Over two hundred patient and doctor written articles, updated every week.
Promotes full and equal participation of America\'s 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.
Our organization provides the blind and visually disabled community with rehabilitation training, social events, and vacations. We are located in Denville, NJ at Diamond Spring Lodge.