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Consumer Health Resources

A clinical information resource relating genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of individuals and families with specific inherited disorders.
" Consumer Health Resources
A website for sharing medical genetics knowledge and resources with other health care practitioners, patients, and caregivers.
The mission of the Society is to increase public awareness about Down Syndrome, assist families in addressing the needs of children with Down Syndrome, and sponsor and encourage research. The site describes the toll-free information and referral number, links to general, clinical and educational information, briefly describes research, advocacy, affiliate programs and special programs, and provides links to other pages about Down Syndrome.
Consumer health information from local and national health organization. Topics include descriptions of cancer, possible causes, types, symptoms, treatments, pain management, etc. The site is all in Spanish.
Provides diagnostic testing for inborn errors of metabolism with an emphasis on metabolic myopathies and mitochondrial diseases.