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Overview of procedures offered in India and laws respecting pregnancy termination.
Overview of procedures offered in India and laws respecting pregnancy termination.
A large directory of websites of abortion providers, listed by country, state, and province.
New Delhi doctor offers medical and surgical abortions, as well as general gynecological and obstetric care.
Group of health clinics in Barcelona and other cities, offering abortion services and complete gynecological care, including annual exams, contraceptive methods, and laparoscopic surgeries.
Large collection of material about evidence linking abortion to increased breast cancer risk, including reports claiming cover-ups by expert panels and researchers who have found no connection.
Herbs can be used to end pregnancy, but can also pose serious dangers to the women who use them. Details and links to other resources.
Materials from a 2001 conference that examined options for increasing global access to menstrual regulation and elective abortion. Includes case studies and links.
Advice regarding a kit that inaccurately touts itself as a \"complete kit for early pregnancy termination without surgery.
Patient guide and consent form for using this drug with misoprostol to end pregnancy. Brief discussion of investigational treatment of illnesses with the drug. From the Population Council.
Facts, choices, legal issues, problems with clinic violence and list of abortion providers in the U.S. and Canada, sorted by state or province.
Describes several abortion techniques, possible physical and psychological complications, and possible alternatives.
Overview of fetal development and abortion procedures. Searchable database of pregnancy resource centers.
A political and educational group that supports abortion rights.
The Media Project, a program of Advocates for Youth, provides entertainment industry professionals with the most up-to-date and accurate information about sexual health issues. Young people cite the media as one of their top sources of information about sexuality and relationships. The Media Project offers writers, producers and executives an array of services and research to support healthy portrayals of sexuality in their work.