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Teen Health

Non-profit organization whose mission is to protect our children from preventable injuries and death through awareness, education, legislation and prevention.
Explanation of Iridology, how it works, what to expect, health benefits, tips on choosing a practitioner and cautions.
Sales of charts, videos and related iridology products.
Details of courses, events, clinical case studies and education tools, with iridology FAQs and information on iris capture systems.
Diane Elms presents basic treatment information, with details of what to expect at her Ontario practice.
Ladyhawk worked as a trained paramedic with a helicopter rescue squad, is a certified Iridologist, homeopath and more.
Manufactures irisscopes using a digital camera and photo printer for all professional iridoligists.
Free reconstructive surgery primarily to children who suffer from physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease. Includes eligibility requirements, FAQ, donation information, success stories, services application, and contact.
Details about the organisation, its membership, training, courses and accredited colleges within the UK, as well as background information on the history and practice of iridology.
Offers a range of equipment, tools and software for the professional iridologist, with details of online courses also available.
Details of training, research and consultations, with magazine, case studies and links. [In English and Greek.
Overview, FAQs and education details, with information about membership, people and events.
Information on distance learning foundation course, with introduction to iridology and details of the work of Dr. Von Peczely.
Article by Stephen Barrett, M.D., offering an explanation and history of iridology.
Includes the Iridologist's Creed, articles, schools and tools directory, and bulletin board.
Canadian Journal of the Science and Practice of Iridology and Preventive Health Care, offering an article archive and subscription information.
Offers a variety of software for use by both the professional iridologist and the student.
Detailed resources and instructional information, offering product reviews, educational material, news, and images, and links.
Offering a variety of diagnosis tools, books, and courses. Product and ordering information, with founder profile.
Introduction and glossary of terms, with details of related products and training seminars.