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Child Health

Child Health
Guide to home care for children with a tracheostomy. Brief FAQs, message board, mailing list and family stories.
Service is provided by Sunny Hill Health Centre, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The service prescribes wheelchair and postural supports that enhance independent mobility of children with motor impairments. Links to worldwide rehabilitation source.
A practical guide to planning for the arrival of a special needs child.
Akron Children's Hospital offers a wealth of online information about health and wellness for infants, children and teens; pediatric conditions and diseases; injury prevention; programs and services, pediatric specialists, etc.
We support seriously ill and underprivileged children. We are made up of volunteers from the Albany County Correctional Facility. We are committed to our mission and guided by our philosophy and compassion for the plight of children.
Kid's Health -- Our First Priority\" is the motto of the American School Health Association.
Ties many organizations together for the common cause of keeping children safe.
Children’s Health Directory, Kids Directory by The Online Health for Baby Web Directory.
A nonprofit organization celebrating new life by providing baby care items and educational information to needy parents.
Resource for pregnancy and baby, offers week-by-week baby development updates, thousands of articles, and advice from other parents.
Clinical Psychologist describes 16 techniques that parents and teachers can use to build the self-esteem of their children.
Advice, tips, and information on parenting, nursing, and caring for children, kids, teenagers, or adolescents who suffer chronically from anger, frustration and throw tantrums and fits.
CCHE is the nations first academic research and policy center to examine the links between exposure to toxic pollutants and childhood illness. Provides fact sheets, reports, conference and contact information.
A professional video training series to assist the 18% of children with special needs. Helps parents, special education, day care, early intervention, and developmental and health care professionals prepare for work as day care providers and early intervention specialists. Real World case histories. Two-Part Training: Part 1: Inclusion Works - How the Americans with Disabilities Act affects child care programs. Part 2: Working Together to Include Everyone -
A parents guide to caring for children's teeth.
Core Group works worldwide to improve the health status of children and mothers in underserved populations.
The mission of the Academy is to help improve the lives of traumatized and maltreated children and their families. It's mission to improve the systems that educate, nurture, protect and enrich children.
Provides online streamed webcasts of programs on various aspects of child health.
CHEC dedicated to prevention of non-genetic childhood cancer and other environmentally caused childhood illnesses.
A series of articles on nutrition for children about healthy habits, food choices and special concerns.