An extensive directory listing sites containing medical information. Find links to information on genetics, radiology, mental health, fitness and weight loss.


Contains membership information, meeting information, publication links.
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, pronounced.
The American Chemical Society web page provides links to ACS divisions, and information on grants, meetings, and membership.
The American Chemical Society offers a wide range of financial and informational resources to its members and to the public. This page contains links to grants and awards information.
National organization for mental health and substance abuse administrators, consumers, and family leaders.
The ACA promotes the counseling profession through work in advocacy, research and professional standards. The site has general information and on-line skill expansion courses.
The AHA has spent almost 1.6 billion dollars on cardiovascular research since 1949. More than 31 percent of the association's yearly expenses are used to sponsor research each year.
Established in 1884, AOAC INTERNATIONAL (formerly the Association of Official Analytical Chemists) is an independent association of scientists in the public and the private sectors devoted to promoting methods validation and quality measurements in the analytical sciences.
Multi-disciplinary voluntary international organization promoting quality health care through infection control and epidemiology in all health settings. Includes links, tools, archives and information resources.
An international professional organization of mental health professionals whose common bond is adherence to the principles and standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
A not-for-profit association whose interest is in the development and continuous improvement of health management education. Contains lists of accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States.
Addresses the professional needs and concerns of Veterans Affairs psychologists.
Although primarily a website for public oral health practitioners, the CAPHD/ACSDP website also has information for the general public, such as a listing of public dental programs in the various provinces and territories.
Mission is to foster the science of biochemistry, molecular biology and cellular biology.
Their web page has meeting information, membership information, and information about Clinical Biochemistry and other publications of the society.
Part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Provides standards and guidelines for laboratories as well as training.
Daily-updated, in-depth and interactive news, information, forums and links for fire, rescue and Ems.
Provides reports on health policy reforms from 15 industrialized countries to enhance global discussions on policy making; resources include current health policy ideas, approaches, model projects, and legislation.
Since 1988, HHMI grants have totaled more than $617 million. These grants are as diverse as our program participants: students from preschool through graduate school, their teachers, and the institutions that share HHMI's quest for excellence in science education.
Offers training, certification, conferences, continuing education, and publications.