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Offers help to the dieter on the Weight Watchers plan. Lists many restaurants and how to accurately keep up with Weight Watchers points while dining out.
Personal weight loss site including execises, recipes and progress graph.
One diva's journey to becoming the person she always wanted to be. One hundred forty pounds and over 80 inches gone forever.
Offers low carb diet information, support, recipes and guidance for weight loss.
Site includes photos, journal, food lists, links and tips.
Daily trials and tribulations of one woman's journey from fat to thin.
The journey of a man attempting to lose weight.
Weight loss journals, photos and links.
Free Information about weight loss and losing weight natually.Healthy diet program that works fast.
Chatroom, photo-gallery, recipes and advise.
Daily support articles for people working hard to lose weight and get fit, by a writer who lost 100 lbs. a year ago and works every day to keep it off.
Success stories of people who have lost weight using various methods.
Weight loss? Who should lose weight? Health experts generally agree that adults can benefit from weight loss if they are moderately to severely overweight.
This site's purpose is to give information from a personal viewpoint on the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of walking,
Offers advice and information on popular supplements and vitamins.
Featuring weight loss journals, links and other helpful information.